Filled with gratitude!

In 2002, a nascent group of like-minded merchants and property owners formed the Salisbury Beach Partnership with a shared vision to revitalize the Beach Center and restore the once vibrant coastal community to its origins, welcoming visitors to enjoy a thriving beach-front destination. This active, dedicated board recognizes the value of the beach as both a recreational and economic asset. Their passion is contagious, and it garnered generous contributions from thousands of individuals and a select group of corporate sponsors, without whom the return of the historic Carousel and the Pavillion community center could not have been possible.

With thanks and gratitude, the Salisbury Beach Partnership recognizes
the generosity of the following organizations and individuals:

Corporate Sponsors:


Businesses, Organizations, and Individuals:
Capolupo Family
Mass. Office of Travel & Tourism
MA Cultural Council
Nabhan Family
Rossi Family
Tom Saab
Len Samia
Chuck and Jean Takesian
Rosario J. Zappala & Family
Fred & Donna Abdula
The Timony-Doyle Family
George & Judy Burtch
Alan & Lorraine Paul
Ralph Castagna
Ray & Krystelle Griskiewicz
Katy & Michael Broderick
Deborah & Daniel Dastoli
Moss Quinlan & Bonita Morse
Cynthia Calabrese
Charles & Jane Purinton
Monique & William Greilich
Denis & Michael Prince
Scott & Jacqueline Bleczinski
Christopher Matte & Samantha Matthews
Jay & Laurie Knapp & Family
Johnson Lumber Company
Gail D. Richard
The Sheafer Family
Mrian & Becky Mulcahy
Michael & Angela Barret
Daniel & Tara Richard
John & Terry Avallon
Alternative Therapies Group
Dr. & Mrs. Stephen Zappala
Morrill Electrical Contractors
Christina & Frank Coady
Jason Waters & Katie Cook
Manon Fournier
The MacNevin Family
John & Jenn Schillizzi
Steve Cote & William Foster
Salisbury Discount House
Dry Air Systems, Inc.
Dianne & Lou Masiello
Newburyport Bank Leadership Team
Steven & Joseph Fisichelli
Mead Talerman & Costa, LLC
Paul & Donna Descoteaux
Ramond Cascio
Friends of Lou Masiello
David Hennessey